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We've posted some of the most common Frequently Asked Questions, taken from Distributors and Sales Associates. If you have a specific question that is not answered below, feel free to contact us at: 800.577.1703 xt.103, email us at:, or open a chat session with us now (during regular business hours).


What if my customer contacts you directly?


We value your business, and would never consider taking away from those who support us with their continued business. Rest assured that any time a customer contacts us, we first ask them how they heard about us, are they currently working with someone, and/or if they have received any information or a referral from a company that has done business with one of our affiliated sales channels. If the answer is YES, then we will promptly redirect them to the appropriate ASI Member account.


How is artwork setup handled?


We made it easy for artwork setup by posting some helpful Photoshop templates here for your use. We require all artwork to be uploaded to us per the specs listed, and it is the responsibility of the Distributor to obtain proof verification from their clients prior to uploading their print-ready artwork to us. Uploading is simple, via our online upload portal. If you require design services for a particular job, you may purchase design time from us at a discounted rate.


Can just the app management service be purchased?


Yes, Vital ICE customized app management can be purchased by itself for a monthly service fee (see pricing page for details). If your client would like the Vitalboards® memo boards as well, then this service is included for a period of 12 months, when select quantities of Vitalboards® are purchased.


What happens after 12 months with app management?


A quarterly email summary will be sent to you, showing any key code(s) under your account that will be expiring soon. You may then contact your client and see if they would like to either A) Purchase the minimum quantity of Vitalboards®, which will extend app management out another 12 months, B) Purchase only the service per the pricing page, or C) Opt out for their current key code by not doing either A or B.


What happens to the key code if my client doesn't renew?


If your client chooses to opt out of their key code after their 12 month term by not renewing by the methods stated in FAQ 4 above, then their key code is forfeited and is placed in an idle state. The previous branding will be removed and replaced with the default Vital ICE branding. From that point forward, the Distributor will have 30 days to convert that key code to the same, or alternate client. If a conversion is made, then we will redirect the existing key code to whichever customer comes aboard, and all existing app users that have entered that code will now see the new client's branding. NOTE: This is built-in retention, and will assist you in keeping customers renewing year after year, lest their key code be abandoned and possibly given to a competitor in the same area.

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