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Two Customizable Components

One Ingenious Public Safety Program

Vitalboards® is the custom branded public safety program that helps save lives.
Consisting of two components, Vitalboards® provides EMS and other emergency
first responders with patient health information in emergency situations.
Time saves lives, and Vitalboards® saves time.

Custom branded 8-1/2" X 11" full color, write-on/wipe off magnetic memo board with pen/clip that mounts to the refrigerator door. Stainless steel friendly and extremely durable.


On ther reverse side are areas for the homeowners to list their vital health information, such as medications, allergies, medical history, emergency contacts and more.


An EMS info sticker goes on or near the front door of the home and alerts EMS and other first responders to the presence of the Vitalboard®.

Vitalboards, Public Relations, Public Safety, memo boards
Vitalboards, Public Relations, Public Safety, Vital ICE, Vital

A custom branded In Case of Emergency app that can help save lives by providing a mobile platform for users to list their vital health information, emergency contacts, and more, that EMS and other first responders can access in emergencies.


Vital ICE can be further utilized as a communication tool, with push notifications from emergency first responders, that can be sent from any computer. A unique key code is provided to the participating sponsor that will allow for custom branding and even donations.

Vitalboards® Public Safety Memo Boards

  • Robust database of user-provided medical information, and easily accessible by emergency first responders.


  • Free download for iOS and Android devices keeps this app accessible to the masses, not the classes.


  • First aid treatment protocol for 16 common emergencies, which provides assistance when EMS is not present.


  • Dependent information can also be listed, providing EMS with additional family information in certain situations.


  • Call 911 and sound an audible alarm from within the app, saving first responders time in locating the patient.


  • User's medical information can be emailed to any email address, which can assist in communication with ER's.


  • Receive important push notifications from participating EMS/FD, which can provide important local emergency instructions when needed.

Standard Features

  • Backup/Restore data to user's Dropbox account keeps data from having to be re-entered after upgrades.


  • Send a text message to emergency contacts with user's location on a map, which alerts them that user has been involved in an emergency and to call 911.


  • Create a custom wallpaper / lock screen image with vital health information overlay, saving time for first responders in locating user's medical information.


  • Photo of insurance cards keeps them handy for medical personnel.


  • Schedule medication, physician, and immunization reminders, both recurring and one-time.


FREE Download

Standard Features

  • Full color, 8-1/2" x 11" write-on/wipe off magnetic memo board is aesthetically pleasing, so homeowners will be more likely to display and use this public safety platform.


  • Stainless steel friendly, so Vitalboards® will apply on any household refrigerator door.


  • Vital health information for each homeowner can be listed on the reverse side, keeping the data out of sight from house guests, yet accessible for first responders.


  • Pen/clip is included, making it easy for homeowners to start using their Vitalboards® right away.


  • Custom branded message on the front of each board details the sponsor's contact information, logo, and a QR code link to a web page of their choosing.


  • EMS info sticker goes on or near the front door of the home and alerts first responders to the presence of the Vitalboard®, which saves time.



Other Benefits

  • Excellent community outreach program lets the sponsor show that they are proactive in the effort of saving lives.


  • Public safety tool that everyone can benefit from


  • Local press gets excited about this program, as it is unique and of course its lifesaving features.


  • Picks up where other vital information cards left off, providing a more modernized, well-rounded approach.


  • Referral program rewards sponsors for referral business.


  • Can be purchased directly by a sponsor (EMS/FD, or other business/organization), or co-branded with another entity.

Vital ICE Public Safety Mobile App

innovation award, vitalboards, vitalboards, ems, public safety, public relations
Vitalboards, Public Relations, Public Safety, Vital ICE, Brochure
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