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STEP 1 - Complete and submit this form

Please fill out the form as completely as possible. This will let us know exactly what information you need included on your Vitalboards® layout, as well as your Vital ICE branded App.

STEP 2 - Email us your logo and artwork

Upload your logo and any other artwork you wish to include in the layout. NOTE: Preferred logo format should be either .ai or .eps files. If not available, please upload the largest size file you have. For images, we can use most any format, however please also upload the largest size files possible for them. Scanned business cards lack the resolution needed, so are therefore not recommended. If you have trouble locating your logo file, check with the last printer you used, as typically they retain past print jobs their archives for some time, and may agree to forward it to you.

Please allow up to 1 week to process your order and create your first proof. The proof will be emailed to the contact you designated within this form. If you have a co-branded layout, we will do the proofing with the other party in addition to the point of contact at your organization. Both parties in co-branded layouts must approve the proof prior to printing.


Your proof for the Vital ICE App will be handled a different way. Within one week, you will receive an email with a link to create your password. Click on that link, create your password and log into your account. Here you will find the information that will be shown to app users, and will be able to manage the content from that point forward. Your App key code will then be 'LIVE'. Verification of the key code can be found by continuing through the edit screen to submit. After submitting, your key code will be shown.


If you have any quesitons regarding this process, please don't hesitate to contact us at 800.577.1703 xt. 102

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